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This book has applications for every area of your life. The life events written within these pages will make you laugh, cry, get excited, and cause you to ponder life and your decisions.

Choices... A Journey from Bad Decisions to Good Results

SKU: 9781513623428
  • Life is a winding road with many twists and turns. The options of roads that our journey of life takes are limitless.  Without even realizing it we make choices every day that determine which of those roads we will end up on. Though there are many roads that we may travel down in our lifetime; there are only two ultimate destinations. Even what seem to be the most insignificant decisions can have the most substantial  bearing on which path our life journey will take us down.  Join the author as he treks through the many Choices in his life, and the roads they took him down on his Journey from Bad Decisions to Good Results.

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